Friday, April 01, 2005

Experiences of a 6(+) footer

Let me continue from where I left in the previous blog. The travelling difficulties of a 6 footer. As I mentioned in the previous blog, if you are more than 6 foot tall, then you cannot stand in a bus as your head keeps bumping into the hand-rails. Also, you cannot sit because your legs wouldn't fit in the space provided. Well then, what to do? Adapting is the key my dear people. I am now used to sitting diagonally in the seat so that my legs have more room. It’s only a small bit of extra space, which is mostly insufficient. But then, the pain does subside with every centimeter of extra space.
The travails are less in train journeys. It is quite funny to hear people complain about less space to sleep when they get the side berths. Think about the misery of those who wouldn't even fit in the normal berths!!! But when you don't fit even in normal beds, what’s there to complain about train berths? In one of the journeys last week (check the previous blog), I made the mistake of stretching my legs once while sleeping. A policeman, who was passing by, hit my foot with his protruding rifle. What can I say? When you are couple of inches more than six foot, you should learn to keep your legs curled in.
From land travel to air travel. I only wish that flights had some extra space for the tall people in the economy class. I can't forget a 10-hour travel where I had hoped to move around once in a while to give some relaxation to my legs. But then, the guy next to me had other ideas. He slept the minute he occupied his seat and thus blocked my way to the aisle.
Given all these flip sides, I would still prefer to be what I am. The disadvantages are only minor aberrations to the 'perks' of being tall. The attention you get; the advantages in sports; the ease of getting spotted in a crowd..... Even in my pilgrimage last week, I couldn't help sporting a grin when I noticed the difficulty faced by people in trying to have a glance at the Lord in the temples. With the 7+ foot statue of the Lord smiling in front of me, it just occurred, BEING TALL IS COOL.


Blogger Heidi Kris said...

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01 April, 2005 04:28  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

Jammy.."Aalum Valaranum Arivum valaranum adhudhanda valarche" ;) :P !!!!

01 April, 2005 04:30  
Blogger Jammy said...


Arivu vaLaraatha thaala thaan athe comment-a rendu tharava adichiya? :P

Thanks for the comment after such a long time :)

01 April, 2005 09:37  
Blogger Vetty Max said...

Jammy obviously there is no point in cribbing about the point that you are too tall or too short, these are somethings that are not in our control. :)

But you have still not expounded on the perks of being tall.

01 April, 2005 11:39  
Blogger Ram said...

The attention you get; the advantages in sports; the ease of getting spotted in a crowd

01 April, 2005 12:10  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

jammy..:( na oru dharavadhan adichen.. edho rendu dharava deleted one..

btw..thalai enna thathuvams??

01 April, 2005 19:29  
Blogger Jammy said...

Vetty Max,
Its not about changing things. Just giving a glimpse to those who are not so lucky/ unlucky
Will try to expound on the perks in another blog.

Minimal Ego,
Its not NTPK. These are facts. Ask anyone;)

unakku enna typinglayum echo kaetkuma rendu tarava varathukku? :P
Thalaikku exams time. Athaan thathuvams :)

02 April, 2005 09:50  
Blogger Senthil said...

hey ram...
whether u prefer to be that way or not...u dont have a choice,isn't it.

02 April, 2005 11:49  

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